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Yamaha Acoustic, Disklavier, Silent & TransAcoustic Pianos

Updated: May 19, 2022

It's now more than a century since our founder, Torakusu Yamaha, designed and built his first piano in Japan. Today, Yamaha pianos are among the world's most played and have earned a reputation for their excellent design, build quality and long-lasting performance - a Yamaha piano can last a lifetime. They have acoustic pianos to suit all players, whether you're shopping for a premium acoustic grand piano, such as the Yamaha CX Series models or the Bösendorfer Special Edition models or quality upright pianos for a beginner Yamaha b Series.

For pianos which offer even more, try their self-playing Yamaha Disklavier piano or a hybrid piano from our Silent and TransAcoustic ranges - especially if you live in an apartment or need to be able to practice any time of day or night, the Yamaha Silent pianos and groundbreaking Yamaha TransAcoustic pianos might be just what you're after. At sLs Japan and Noah Studio we use Yamaha CX Series models and Y series models

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