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From Piano Concertos to Piano Sonatas,  our concert pianist Marco Fatichenti teaches you how to develop your technique and enhance your interpretation of great classical masterpieces. He has appeared in some of the most prestigious venues across Europe and the United States. At the same time, he continues to be a much sought after pedagogue for his kind, considerate and dynamic approach to teaching. 

Active both as recitalist and chamber musician, Marco is also an educator who is committed to promoting music and its societal value among diverse audiences.
Marco Fatichenti Masterclasses is a unique resource for intermediate to advanced pianists and music-lovers.

Join now to discover the secret to beautiful piano playing

A unique opportunity to: 

  • Learn piano concertos, sonatas or classical masterpieces

  • Express your musical vision

  • Expand your creativity

  • Achieve your most expressive sound

  • Open your ears to deeper listening

    The world's most famous and popular language is music.

sLs Japan, Piano Masterclass - ピアノマスタークラス

Our concert violinist Maho Danis teaches you how to develop your ensemble skills and orchestral literature. She has performed with the world's leading conductors and soloists and undertaken numerous international tours including Japan, Singapore, Australia, China and Vietnam. At the same time, she has been educating young violinists since 1998, some of whom have gone on to study at reputable international music institutions and universities such as Eastman School of Music, New York (USA) and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

She was a founding member of the Malaysian Philharmonic Chamber Soloists (chamber orchestra) and with this ensemble, She represented the MPO on tours in Japan and throughout Malaysia. Currently She is with Youmiuri Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.
Maho Danis Masterclasses is a unique resource for young violinist,  chamber or symphony orchestra violinist.

Book a time that works for you and we will send you all the information you need to have a successful masterclass class

A unique learning opportunity to: ​

  • Develop your ensemble skills

  • Develop your orchestral literature

  • Improve your technique

  • Understand the important skills of orchestral playing

    You will play at your best.

Maho Danis- sLs Japan Violin Instructor - sLs Japan バイオリン講師
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