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Cello Intructor

小林奈那子 (チェロ指導者) Cello instructor sls japan

Nanako Kobayashi 

She started performing while a student at Keio University.
While a postgraduate student at Tokyo University of the Arts, she studied at the Liszt State Conservatory of Music in Hungary. After performing in Budapest, where she was based, as well as in Germany, Austria and other countries, she returned to Japan.

Currently, in addition to guest appearances with orchestras throughout Japan, she is also active in a wide range of performance activities, such as supporting artists and collaborating with various artworks.

Not only as a player, but also as a songwriter and string arranger, producing and consulting on concert projects, writing liner notes and columns, magazine dialogues - her ways of expression are endlessly borderless. She also gives lectures and talks in various locations on the fascinating world of music and fragrance, including 'The Fragrance Floor' by S. Pies.Lecturer, Tokyo Junior Orchestra Society.
[Supporting Artists]
Yuzo Kayama/ Predawn/ Rayons/ X JapanYOSHIKINana Mizuki/ Billboard Classics etc.
[Guest orchestras].
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra
Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

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