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1st Grade Level 2 Reading Activities. Ages 6-7

1st grade level 2 reading activities: Listening materials for teaching children how to read through phonics worksheets, videos, games and phonics-R & L blends (words that use R and L), contrasting R & L blends (words that use R and L) Difference between R and L), long a, silent e, long i, vowel digraph ai, ay, ea, ee, short vowel

The 1st grade Level 2 Phonics program features a long a & i with Silent e. Children will learn how Silent e changes the sound of words. This level also includes the vowel digraphs ai and ay, the vowel digraphs ee and ea, and the final y as a long e.

Phonics video lessons ( Example ) 
Phonics video songs ( Example ) 
1st Grade Level 2 Phonics Worksheets( Example )
Phonics Games ( Example ) 
Phonics Exercises ( Example ) 
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