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Jimin Park - Classical Crossover Jazz Pianist

In collaboration with sLs Group
sLs Group is Jimin management team in Asia.

Autumn Leaves - 10 Different styles.

Waltz in C-sharp minor, Op. 64, No. 2 ( JAZZ VERSION )

Jimin is a crossover jazz pianist, composer, arranger, educator, and also a content creator on social platform such as YouTube and Instagram as @Jimindorothy. She has been capturing the internet’s attention with her great improvisation in a wide range of jazz styles, including the ability to imitate many legendary jazz musicians. She received a full scholarship to Boston's Berklee College of Music and graduating in 2017. In the same year, she participated in the “World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing contest” and won 2nd prize.

Jimin had actively performed in United States and South Korea since 2019. Even back in Korea, she is still actively performed with local jazz band. Jimin is most known for her YouTube videos where she emulates the styles of jazz masters, with almost 200k subscribers and 16 million views to date. With her great passion in sharing her music knowledge, she created ton of tutorial videos on YouTube. In 2021, she started online jazz piano lesson and published a book called “30 Days, My New Pastime: Jazz Piano”. In the year of 2022, she had released a new single called Moon Serenade (Feat. Noden) and also a new book “Disney Jazz”.

Jimin’s playing is unique as she is mastered in many different piano styles, including stride, bebop, swing, Latin, fusion, and ragtime. Her widespread knowledge of jazz theory enables her to replicate styles of various jazz masters, including Bud Powell, Erroll Garner, Bill Evans, and many others. Although Jimin is claimed as a jazz pianist, it doesn’t mean she can’t play classical. She has been actively posting her classical playing on social media, such as Chopin - Fantasy Impromptu, Op. 66, Mendelssohn - Rondo Capriccioso op. 14 and more. Recently she has started to arranged classical piece into jazz style, which amazed her audiences in YouTube.英語)

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