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Piano Lessons in English, Violin & English Lessons for Kids, sLs Japan

sLs Japan Music & Language Music training, such as learning how to play the piano, has been found to have positive effects on an individual. The many benefits of playing a musical instrument include increased motor control, better memory and listening skills, greater emotional intelligence and enhanced well-being. Studies show that there is a direct relationship between music and a child’s language development which helps them learn to read, write, and socialize. Playing a musical instrument also increases brain activity that can assist in learning a foreign language. So, as you begin to study the language of music, you are opening the doors in your brain to learn many other languages on Earth as well! This suggests that the development of music skills and language skills go hand in hand, which makes sense if music and language are served by the same underlying brain areas. Playing a musical instrument is great for both mathematical skills and language learning. Music & Language lessons for kids are extremely beneficial for your child’s development. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for? Try us and you will see the benefits! sLs Japan is an ideal Music & Language place for young learners. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to find out about our programs, admissions and more.


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