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How to Learn Spanish! at sLs Japan

We are pleased to announce our partnership with  The Spanish Cultural Association of HK
Our two companies share a passion for providing the education sector with solid solutions that make a world of difference for *Learning A Foreign Language.

In previous years we had successfully helped more than 1500 students to achieve their goals.  No matter your aim is to learn for fun, for travel and work trip or for a flying score in exam, we assure you that we will introduce you the perfect member of our team whom specialised in your area of interest.  That has been our formula of success.

If you’re looking to start a Spanish course soon, The Spanish Cultural Association provides Spanish courses for kids, teens, and adults, whereby each Spanish class is taught by one of our qualified native speakers. For more information please visit

We are hiring Spanish teachers in Japan. Kindly contact our official partner in Japan if you are interested .

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Why Learning Spanish

1) Spanish is the 3rd most widely spoken in the world, used by 500 million people,
after Mandarin Chinese and English.

2) Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn.
Many Spanish words share similarities with those of English and written  
Spanish is almost totally phonetic as opposed to other European languages.

3) Spanish is also great as a “go-to” language in Europe, as many Europeans speak it as a second or
third language.Spanish is  the second language of the United States with at least 30 million speakers

Video Lessons ( Example )

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