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Violin Intructors

Maho Danis- sLs Japan Violin Instructor - sLs Japan バイオリン講師

Maho Danis is a founding member of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, She has performed with the world's leading conductors and soloists and undertaken numerous international tours including Japan, Singapore, Australia, China and Vietnam.  She represented the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra on tours in Japan and throughout Malaysia.
Besides, she also played with Philharmonic of Nations, Germany - 1st violin, The Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra and Ensemble Kanazawa , Japan - 1st violin. 

As a private violin teacher, she has been educating young violinists since 1998, Tutoring some of the most promising string players in the orchestral literature and develop their ensemble skills. some of whom have gone on to study at reputable international music institutions and universities such as Eastman School of Music, New York (USA) and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Anna Litvinova - sLs Japan -ヴァイオリン講師

Born in Vladivostok (just 1000 km away from Tokyo!), Russia, Anna started playing violin at age eight under the guidance of Prof. Lyubov Borshova, an alumna of the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov. During seven years of music school as a violin major, she participated in various local and regional competitions, concerts and festivals. Graduated with an honours degree and a special award, the ‘Golden lyre’. 

Anna moved to Japan in 2017 to obtain her bachelor’s degree at the Music-Liberal Arts department of Tokyo College of Music. She began majoring in conducting in her second year at college, studying under Junichi Hirokami, Toshifumi Tashiro, Nobutaka Masui and Toshihiro Yonezu. She participated in master classes by famous Belgium-based violinist Boris Belkin. 

Anna was studying violin under professor Toshiro Yokoyama, an NHK orchestra member.

She also had a chance to study music psychology and music therapy courses under the Ph.D. Kagari Shibazaki, a Visiting Professor at Tokyo College of Music and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Anna’s motto is “never stop learning.” She has constantly been studying music, including completion of the online courses provided by Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA, US), and various disciplines such as philosophy and history, using diverse online sources and maintaining self-study, taking individual music classes such as of Rubab (Afghan stringed instrument), Santoor (Persian dulcimer), Saz (Turkish stringed instrument), Duduk (Armenian woodwind instrument). She has her own collection of world instruments.

Anna speaks English, Japanese and Russian. Studying Georgian and Turkish.

Broad understanding of Japanese culture and work ethics, ability to work effectively in a multicultural setting, deep knowledge of musical history, theory and practice, performance and teaching experience, expertise in methodology and pedagogy, creative approach, and passion for music makes Anna a great guide in the world of music for all who want to study not to just play, but know, understand, feel and enjoy the music in the context of history and arts.

Zofia - sLs Japan -ヴァイオリン講師.

Zofia Prażuch is a musician and a scholar of Japanese culture from Krakow, Poland. She has obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Cultural Studies and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Japanese traditional music of Meiji period Japan, meanwhile studying as an exchange student at Tokyo Gakugei University and taking koto lessons.

Zofia's musical journey began in primary school and then continued at The Fryderyk Chopin Secondary Music School, where she studied from 2011 to 2017 and was a member of the second violin section of the Polish orchestra Camerata di Cracovia. With this orchestra she had tournee around France where she also was a conductor during some of the concerts. Thanks to that, she acquired communication and organizing skills which helped her in further teaching experience.

Last year she has started to give violin classes for primary and elementary schools students according to Antoni Cofalik school theory; 05-08.2022; preparing whole material for students (Antoni Cofalik "Notatnik metodyczny o grze skrzypcowej"). She had a very good contact with students while conducting lessons through cultural experience and theory, giving them opportunities for developing their abilities.

Zosia is a very sociable and open person, who is always willing to help. She treats every person individually, by focusing on the most important aspects and enjoys working with people while sharing her passions. She sees music as an integral part of our reality that shapes culture and personality, and translates into how we perceive the world.

Andres  Violin instructor-  sLs Japan

Andrés Daniel Spléndido is a professional violin teacher/performer graduated from the Universidad de Lanús. Academic in Argentina (Bachelor's Degree in Music)
He has been awarded Professor in Instrument: Violin. from  Piazzolla Conservatory. In title on issue. Year 2021 and also a Violin and Viola Professor of the Berisso Orchestra-School. City of Berisso. From April 2014 to February 2018.
Regular violin lessons with Maestro José Bondar (Private), Violin Masterclasses with Professor Anastasia Storer (USA) Nicolás Favero (Argentina), Gilles Apap (France)  Dmitri Berlinsky (Russia) and Campos do Jordao, Brazil.

He has been an active performer as a soloist and as a collaborative violinist for other instruments and various orchestras.
He was a violinist for Camerata Académica del Teatro, Orquesta Estable del Teatro and The National Symphony Orchestra Argentina.
Besides, he was also a guest member ( Violin ) for the Suginami District Philharmonic Orchestra (杉並フィルはハーモニー管弦楽団) and the Nakano District Citizens' Symphony Orchestra (中野区民交響楽団)in Tokyo.
Currently he is studying in Yokohama National University. Andres received a Japanese MEXT scholarship for the Teacher training program.
A very dedicated violinist and educator. His warm, humble and approachable personality one that has surely helped him succeed.
He speaks 3 languages - English, Spanish and Japanese. 

Katie (ケイティ) sLs Japan のバイオリン講師

Katie has had a love and passion for music, especially playing violin, since childhood, and is very happy to be a part of sLs Japan. She has previously helped in teaching the Irvine Classical Players youth orchestra in her childhood home of Southern California, U.S.A. and loves to help others in their own musical journeys. She has been working in Japan as a preschool English teacher since 2019, and prior to that graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Violin Performance from the Peabody Conservatory in Maryland, USA. She enjoys playing music of a variety of styles in addition to classical, including American traditional fiddle music, jazz, and popular music. She believes that understanding music from many different angles and being able to form a personal connection with it is an important part of learning.

Josefina 英語バイオリン slsjapan violin lessons in english 音楽と言語教師

Josefina is a multi-instrumentalist and multilingual teacher. Highly committed, focused and certified music instructor, She holds a master of Science degree and Musical Arts (Pontificia Universidad Católica). A Certified Violin Teacher. She can teach Violin, Guitar, Piano and Vocal. Working with children is one of her passions. She has 10 years’ experience teaching violin and music to kids and adults. She used to work in  Australia and Chile as a music teacher at an international school and a bilingual school.  She speaks 3 languages - English, Spanish and Japanese. A good music performer and music tutor with a wonderful personality.Her principle is " children should learn through emotions and not through repetition. " 

シャルヴァ青木奈緒子 - sLs Japan violin instructor




Susana Hun スサーナ sLs Japan Piano Instructor ピアノ講師

( Susana ) She began studying the violin in parallel with her piano studies. As well as piano, she finished her violin studies in the Basque Country (Spain). She has also been working on the ABRSM method with children of different ages and levels. At the same time, she has been a member of the Orquesta Joven de la Comunidad Valenciana and the JOCSMAB (Joven Orquesta Santa María la Blanca de Madrid). Also to add, she was a member of a Fiddle music group in San Sebastian-Donostia (Spain). She speaks Spanish, English, Chinese mandarin and Japanese.

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