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Josefina 英語バイオリン slsjapan violin lessons in english 音楽と言語教師

Josefina is a multi-instrumentalist and multilingual teacher. Highly committed, focused and certified music instructor, She holds a master of Science degree and Musical Arts (Pontificia Universidad Católica). A Certified Violin Teacher. She can teach Violin, Guitar, Piano and Vocal. Working with children is one of her passions. She has 10 years’ experience teaching violin and music to kids and adults. She used to work in  Australia and Chile as a music teacher at an international school and a bilingual school.  She speaks 3 languages - English, Spanish and Japanese. A good music performer and music tutor with a wonderful personality.Her principle is " children should learn through emotions and not through repetition. " 

Andres  Violin instructor-  sLs Japan

Andrés Daniel Spléndido is a professional violin teacher/performer graduated from the Universidad de Lanús. Academic in Argentina (Bachelor's Degree in Music)
He has been awarded Professor in Instrument: Violin. from  Piazzolla Conservatory. In title on issue. Year 2021 and also a Violin and Viola Professor of the Berisso Orchestra-School. City of Berisso. From April 2014 to February 2018.
Regular violin lessons with Maestro José Bondar (Private), Violin Masterclasses with Professor Anastasia Storer (USA) Nicolás Favero (Argentina), Gilles Apap (France)  Dmitri Berlinsky (Russia) and Campos do Jordao, Brazil.

He has been an active performer as a soloist and as a collaborative violinist for other instruments and various orchestras.
He was a violinist for Camerata Académica del Teatro, Orquesta Estable del Teatro and The National Symphony Orchestra Argentina.
Besides, he was also a guest member ( Violin ) for the Suginami District Philharmonic Orchestra (杉並フィルはハーモニー管弦楽団) and the Nakano District Citizens' Symphony Orchestra (中野区民交響楽団)in Tokyo.
Currently he is studying in Yokohama National University. Andres received a Japanese MEXT scholarship for the Teacher training program.
A very dedicated violinist and educator. His warm, humble and approachable personality one that has surely helped him succeed.
He speaks 3 languages - English, Spanish and Japanese.