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Meguro FudoMae Studio
GRAND.P 4 rooms / UPRIGHT.P 4 rooms


4-32-14 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031

by train

Tokyu Meguro Line; Fudo-mae Station Right outside the ticket gate!

It is a 0-minute walk from Fudo-mae Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line, in a good location right in front of the station.

We have a piano studio and a band studio, and we have rooms that meet a variety of needs.
Wi-Fi is available in various lobbies and can be used for meetings before and after rehearsals.
It has a music school.

Piano Studio

The 3 tatami mat upright piano studio can be used not only for individual use, but also for piano, vocal music, violin and wind instruments. There are studios with grand pianos ranging from 4.5 tatami mats to 8 tatami mats, and the spacious studios can be used for ensembles and small seminars.
All studios are permanently equipped with ceiling-mounted microphones (audio-technica BP series XY stereo microphones) and CD decks, making it easy to record CDs.
All studios have wired LAN ports. If you wish to use Wi-Fi in the studio, we rent a Wi-Fi router for free.

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